Acqua Lete

Susan Komen

Water Lete for the fight against breast cancer

Our company has always been careful of the social and environmental protection and of the enhancement of the area; it has been responsive to the associations’ initiatives, foundations and non-profit organization active in raising public awareness on issues of great importance, such as the environment and medical research.

Since 2000, Susan G. Komen Italy, a non-profit organization, has been operating in the fight against breast cancer.
Since 2008 Lete has been supporting The Race for the Cure, an event symbol of the Susan G. Komen Italy.
The Race for the Cure raises awareness about the importance of prevention and it expresses solidarity with women who are fighting cancer.
Unique event open to everyone who has the ability to combine the best of sports, entertainment, emotions and social commitment.
Since 2000, with the funds raised through the race for the Cure, Susan Komen Italy has collected and has already allocated more than € 1.6 million to their projects and for other associations in the fight against cancer
(professional training courses, prevention education programs for healthy women and students, clinical services for the recovery of psycho-physical well-being of women and purchase of diagnostic equipment).
Since 2008, Lete has been supporting the Race for The Cure; this is a strong testimony of adherence to a noble initiative to promote care and commitment in the fight against breast cancer.