Acqua Lete

Lete Channel

Lete Channel, new format

In 2016 Lete launched its new communications format: Lete Channel.

Lete Channel is a new generation virtual station with a real schedule that features

news, entertainment, cinema, sport, music, cooking, and lots more, starring the fun Lete family.Olimpio, Letizia and Teo decide to transform their lives and set up a TV station to help all consumers live a better lifestyle. Lete Channel appears on TV, on the internet, on the radio, and in sales points and is extremely communicative and

The format focuses particularly on its sets and on the storytelling that constantly conveys the product’s characteristics in a captivating way, giving them extra emphasis. The product’s benefits “LOW IN SODIUM – CALCIUM-DIGESTIVE AID” appear in the format’s various sections.

The campaign messages are transmitted across various media and are combined with special projects for every type of communication, used in sales points and aimed at engaging the Lete target. The aim of the special projects is to encourage the Lete target to enter the Lete Channelworld and give it an active role. is the virtual area where above the line and below the line communications converge and where the consumer, stimulated by dedicated calls to action, meets the brand. The strength of the Lete Channel campaign is boosted not only by specially created cross- media planning but also through the social network channels with editorial content and targeted advertising campaigns.