Acqua Lete

Research and Quality.

The pursuit of purity and quality.

1999 – 2003 – 2007 – 2009 – 2011 – 2015

Constant research to achieve the highest level of quality is a very specific company strategy that guides our choices, lines of development, production, sales policies, organisational and management control.
All of our business is focused on Customer Satisfaction, product safety and environmental protection.

This is why, back in 1999, we adopted a certified Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9002:94 standards, currently updated to ISO 9001:2008 standards, which monitors all the company’s processes: from materials procurement to bottling, product distribution and evaluation of the end customer’s satisfaction.

In our quality system, particular emphasis is placed on assessingmanaging and protecting groundwater aquifers with the help of sophisticated environmental monitoring systems and specific hydrogeological, chemical/physical and clinical research plans.

Hydrogeological research aims to expand knowledge about the land in which aquifers are found, so that they can be continuously and constantly protected and be carefully managed.

Microbiological and chemical/physical tests aim to verify the constancy of the chemical and organoleptic properties and the purity of our mineral waters.

As a sign of the importance we place on our consumers’ satisfaction, we constantly perform clinical research on the beneficial effects to health from drinking our mineral waters.

Certificati ISO 9001.

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Clinical studies

Acqua Lete Spa is constantly conducting clinical studies to assess the beneficial effects on human health of its mineral waters: Lete, Prata and Sorgesana.

The intake of mineral water calcium bicarbonate Lete improves the state of hydration in athletes after short term anaerobic exercise.

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Influence of Natural Mineral Water Bicarbonate Calcium Lete on the Concentration of Blood Lactate in Athletes after Exercise.

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Effects of the administration of mineral calcium bicarbonate water “Lete” in functional dyspepsia.

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Use of natural mineral water “Prata” in the feeding of the newborn and infant.

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Calcium, integration and absorption: the role of calcic mineral waters.

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